Frequently asked questions


  • How can I become a customer in the Crown Van Gelder webshop?
    • Click the button “create an account” and fill the requested information. Our web team will review your application and inform you if you can start ordering.
  • Where can I read the general conditions
    • Via this link you can read the general conditions for the webshop
  • How does Crown Van Gelder handle my information with regards to privacy

Ordering and product:

  • How can I order?
    • You can place the products of your choice in your shopping basket and proceed to checkout
  • Can I change or cancel my order?
    • An order in the webshop is final and automatically processed upon completion. Please contact us immediately so we can see how we can assist you.
  • Can I return my order
    • You can return your order in case something is wrong with the product or if we have delivered a wrong item. In this case, please send us a message via the webshop and we will contact you on the next steps.
  • Can I see what I ordered previously?
    • After login in the webshop, it is possible to view details of earlier orders and re-order them.
  • I cannot find the right product or format, what to do?
    • Please send us a message of give us a call. If we have sufficient interest, we will consider adding the product to our shop.
  • Was my order successful, I did not receive a confirmation?
    • Please contact us so we can look together if we have received and processed your order.
  • What is the delivery time of my paper
  • I want to receive my paper earlier than confirmed in the e-mail, is this possible?
    • The orders are processed automatically, unfortunately it is not possible to make exceptions.
  • Can I collect my paper at the warehouse?
    • No, unfortunately this is not possible
  • I can only find inkjet paper in the webshop, is this correct?
    • We have chosen only to offer inkjet paper in the webshop.
  • Is the paper FSC/PEFC certified
    • Yes, the information can be found on the invoice




  • I forgot my password, what to do?
    • With the button “Forgot your password” on the login screen, you can reset your password
  • I am not able to login, what to do?
    • Please contact us so we can help you in finding the cause
  • How do I update the details in my account?
    • After login, you can update your account details via “my account”. When you want to modify your invoice address, please contact us
  • Where can I find the details of my order?
    • After login you can find the details by clicking on “my order” on the page “my account”


Not happy with the service:

  • My delivery or product is not according expectations, how can I report this?
    • You can report this by sending us a message through the webshop. Please provide as many details as possible.
  • How much time will your response take?
    • Within 24 hours you will receive a confirmation and an issue number. At this moment we will also provide you with an estimated processing time. This depends on the complexity of the issue.
  • My paper was delivered with damage, how can I receive a replacement?
    • You can report this by sending us a message through the webshop. We will contact you on the next steps.



  • How can I pay for my order?
    • In the checkout screen, you can select different options
  • Can I also pay after receiving my goods?
    • Upon receiving your account request, we will determine if you qualify for afterpay. If the “e-invoicing” button appears in your checkout screen, this option is enabled.
  • I now order on prepayment and would like to pay via e-invoice
    • Please contact us so we can review the options
  • What is the payment term for e-invoicing, can I change this?
    • The payment term of e-invoicing is automatically set at max. 30 days, unfortunately deviations are not possible


My question is not in this list

  • Please send us a message or give us a call!